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When my son was learning to crawl, I wanted a soft floor covering made of natural fibres that would be simple to maintain. In my days as a rug designer, I had wondered about the possibility of using industrial wool felt as a floor covering. The luxurious feel of wool and it’s natural integrity as a fibre, along with felt's ability to withstand wear of all types, were all very appealing. So, I picked up a large piece and tried it out on our living room floor. It exceeded all of my expectations, and survived beautifully through the very intensive first years of childhood, including drips, spills, and even indoor skating lessons!. 

After we moved to a new home, I reconfigured the rug into three new smaller rugs with a few careful cuts: a bedroom rug, door mat, and bath mat. They all continue to be faithful fixtures of comfort in our home. The empty living room floor is now where we test out new designs as they develop. The floor felt fiasco has begun...


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